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White Canvas Lucky Tote Bag

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Specifics: 10oz (280gsm)

Fit: ipad / laptops / a4 size

Measurements: 34w x 37h (cm)

Paint: Fabric Marker

Infos about the bag:

1. Paint will not bleed or fade when wet

2. gently wash!

Shipping infos to be noted:

1. shipping internationally takes (2-3weeks due to covid also depending on your country’s courier system)

2. shipping within Malaysia takes (2-3 days)

3. orders will ship out within 3 business days

4. all orders once shipped is out of my control

5. all orders comes with tracking number

6. please make sure you have given me the correct name/ address/ info for shipping (once shipped cannot be changed)

7. no returns / refunds! (please make sure you really want the bag! )

8. please email me for any other infos :)

I want this!

a handdrawn lucky tote bag


White Canvas Lucky Tote Bag

0 ratings
I want this!